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PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION - "Tired of Loving You" (Unsigned, UK)

IAMJJ & BAKER GRACE – “A Different Kind of Blues” (Mermaid Records, Denmark)

OSCAR LANG – “21st Century Hobby” (Dirty Hit, UK)

STEREOTIDE – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Unsigned, Germany)

VISTAS – “Dayglow” (Unsigned, UK)

DOTAN – “Mercy” (7 Layer, Holland)

TRIBE FRIDAY – “Drugs X Boys X Drugs” (Unsigned, Sweden)

ADELAIDE – “Paintings In The Sky” (Unsigned, France)

LEONIDEN – “Dice” (Euphorie/UMG, Germany)

TIM SCHOU – “Mad Love” Feat Sowfy (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

INHALER – “It Won’t Always Be Like This” (Polydor/UMG, Ireland)

MUKS - "Falling" (Unsigned, India)

DUDE SAFARI – “Big Worse” (Unsigned, UK)

THE PALE WHITE – “That Dress” (Unsigned, UK)

TWO YEAR VACATION – “What Goes Around” (Cloud Hills, Sweden)

LUKE NOA – “Bleach” (Humming Records, Germany)

FRIEDBERG – “Yeah” (Marathon Artists, UK)

SLIDE – “Hello Spirit (Slip N Slide Mix)” (Unsigned, Sweden)

DED RABBIT – “All Fired Up” (Unsigned, Scotland)

ALLDAY – “Stolen Cars” (Teamtrick, Australia)

HOLYOAK – “Sit Tight” (Unsigned, Germany)

DANNY BALDURSSON – “Tears” (Unsigned, Faroe Islands)

THE HARA – “The Fool & The Thief” (Unsigned, UK)

GEORGE COSBY – “Day In, Day Out” (Sony Music, UK)

EMMI KING – “Time Flies” (Unsigned, Germany)

MASI MASI – “Smell of Dinner” (Unsigned, UK)

LUNA BAY – “Blue” (Unsigned, UK)

WAITING FOR SMITH – “Hopefulness Of Love” (417 Records, UK)

DOWN FOR TOMORROW – “Sentimental” (Good Intent, Australia)

CASSIA – “Right There” (BMG, UK)

THE VELVET HANDS – “Star” (Unsigned, UK)

CHRIS LINTON – “Best Part” (Featherstone Music, UK)

7 DAYS IN ALASKA – “Hurts Like Bullets” (Gain/Fift Island/Sony Music, Norway)