GOLD /Wednesday 22.00/CET


CASSIA - "Similar" (BMG, UK)

TOM A. SMITH - "Wolves" (Unsigned, UK)

DOLORES FOREVER - "Party In My Mind" (Sweat Music, Sweden)

THE LIVING STRANGE - "Radio" (Unsigned, N. America)

BEAUX - "Fall Forward" (Dirty Hit, UK)

BELLWETHER - "Charade" (Good Intent, Australia)

TYLER PAGE - "Teenage Werewolf" (Bad Future, South Africa)

RED RUM CLUB - "Drown" (Modern Sky, UK)

THE VICES - "The Neighbour Is A Bitch" (Mattan Records, Holland)

ALFIE TEMPLEMAN - "3D Feelings" (Chess Club, UK)

LIME CORDIALE & IDRIS ELBA - "Apple Crumble" (London Cowboys, US)

THE SHERLOCKS - "City Lights" (Infectious, UK)

LAUREN WALLER - "Dopamine" (Unsigned, N. America)

CLUB BEIRUT - "Bury Your Friends" (Unsigned, Scotland)

LEONIDEN - "Paranoid" (Euphorie/UMG, Germany)

DMA'S - "We Are Midnight" (Liberation Music, Australia)

SEA GIRLS - "Again Again" (Polydor, UK)

MODERNLOVE - "Us" (Akira Records, UK)

DOHNY JEP - "Dial Up" (Unsigned, UK)

ILLUMEN - "Drifting Apart" (Unsigned, Sweden)

THE LOTTERY WINNERS - "Much Better" (Modern Sky, UK)

BAKER GRACE - "Midnight Thoughts" (Unsigned, N. America)

HI FRISCO - "Ever Again" (SO Recordings, UK)

THE ROYSTON CLUB - "Mrs Narcissistic" (Modern Sky, UK)

JEREMY LOOPS - "This Town" Feat Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Decca/UMG, South Africa)

SUNHILL - "Golden Days" (BlackValley Records, Sweden)

ALEX LAHEY - "Spike The Punch" (Liberation, Australia)

SAHARA BECK - "Kryptonite" (Unsigned, Australia)

THE LATHUMS - "I'll Get By" (Modern Sky, UK)

VAULTBOY - "Rocket Science" (Propeller, UK)

DEMOB HAPPY - "Sympathy Boy" (SO Recordings, UK)

ALBA AUGUST - "Honey" (Universal Music, Sweden)

PUBLIC ORDER - "Feels Like Summer" (TYM/WMG, UK)