HITS / Wednesday 22.00/CET


ROOKS – "Somebody Like You" (UMG, Germany)

NOTHING BUT THIEVES – "Tomorrow Is Closed" (AWAL, UK)

BELLZZZ – "No Shoes Girl (Succession)" (Unsigned, UK)

MATTHEW MOLE – "See Me Again" (Universal Music, South Africa)

MIDDLE KIDS – "Highlands" (EMI Music, Australia)

KYTES – "Out of Time" (Frisbee Records, Germany)


TRIBE FRIDAY – "Salt Clouds" (ICEA, Sweden)

ST. LUNDI – "Fall" (Propeller Recordings, UK)

THE SLATES – "What Have You Done?" (Unsigned, UK)

AMSER – "Don't Let Go" (SO Recordings, UK)

PAUL PARTOHAP – "BESTFRiEND" (Warner Music, Indonesia)

PICTURE THIS – "Red Lights" (RCA Records, Ireland)

CAESARIA – "Smalltown Boy" (Universal Music, France)

IAMJJ – "On My Way" (Unsigned, Denmark)

RHETT REPKO – "I've Been Feeling Down Lately" (Unsigned, N. America)

ASHLEY ESPER – "It's Called Art" (Unsigned, N. America)

YARD ACT – "The Trench Coat Museum" (Island Records, UK)

BLAIRE DAVIE – "Lovely" (Watercolour Heart, Scotland)

COYLE GIRELLI – "Jane Tells A Lie" (Unsigned, UK)

THE SHERLOCKS – "Remember All The Girls" (Unsigned, UK)

JAMIE HANNAH – "Surrender To You" (Unsigned, UK)

TALISCO – "Keep ur head up" (Talisco Music, France)

THE ROYSTON CLUB – "Blisters" (Run On Records, UK)

LIME CORDIALE – "Imposter Syndrome" (Chugg Music, Australia)

THE VALMONTS – "Love Overdose" (Unsigned, Ireland)

RUM JUNGLE – "Dash of Speed" (Sureshaker, Australia)

CASSIA – "High Tones" (Republic of Music, Australia)

DECLAN MCKENNA – "Sympathy" (Believe, UK)

THE MOVING STILLS – "Westside" (Sureshaker, Australia)

BARBERA MARI – "Torn" (Unsigned, Czech Republic)


LAUREN WALLER – "Green Eyed Jealousy" (Unsigned, N. America)

REMME – "Boy From The Pictures" (UMG, Germany)