HITS /Wednesday 22.00/CET


SINGLE BY SUNDAY - "Help" (Unsigned, Scotland)

FLYCKT - "Jonny Boy" (Dumont Dumont, Sweden)

DEAF HAVANA - "Kids" (SO Recordings, UK)

TRIBE FRIDAY - "Shut Me Up" (Unsigned, Sweden)

OSCAR ANTON W/DANI - "Homesick" (Filature, France)

SEA GIRLS - "Paracetamol Blues" (Polydor, UK)

LUKE NOA - "Your Smile Should Have Been Mine" (Humming Records, Germany)

CRAWLERS - "I Can't Drive" (Modern Sky, UK)

TWO YEAR VACATION - "Chasing The Morning" (Cloud Hills, Sweden)

COYLE GIRELLI - "Do You Wanna Dance?" (Unsigned, UK)

ADELAIDE - "Moments" (Unsigned, Germany)

BELLWETHER - "Kaiba" (Good Intent, Australia)

TELENOVA - "Why Do I Keep You" (BMG, Australia)

MODERNLOVE - "Follow You" (Akira, Ireland)

BAKER GRACE - "Pressure" (Unsigned, N. America)

BEAUX - "Guard Down" (Dirty Hit, UK)

LAUREN WALLER - "Nothing But Life" (Unsigned, US)

DOLORES FOREVER - "Baby Teeth" (Sweat Music, Sweden)

THE ROYSTON CLUB - "The Backburner" (Modern Sky, UK)

DANNY BALDURSSON - "Nothing Matters" (Unsigned, Faroe Islands)

CLUB BEIRUT - "Physical" (Unsigned, Scotland)

JACK FLANAGAN - "Skyhorse X Skyhorse" (Modern Sky, UK)

BLOSSOMS - "Sulking Poet" (Virgin EMI, UK)

SUNDARA KARMA - "Oblivion" (Chess Club, UK)

REST FOR THE WICKED - "Devils Delight" (EMI/UMG, Australia)

INHALER - "My Honest Face" (Polydor/UMG, Ireland)

CHARLOTTE JANE - "10 Percent" (RCA, Germany)

CASSIA - "Motions" (BMG, Australia)

THE SHERLOCKS - "Plastic Heart" (Unsigned, UK)

MICHAEL ALDAG - "Teenage Drama" (3 Beat, UK)

COACH PARTY - "Weird Me Out" (Chess Club, UK)

ALFIE TEMPLEMAN - "Colour Me Blue" (Chess Club, UK)

GOOD LEKKER - "Belligerence" (Good Intent, Australia)