Passport Approved 





LEONIDEN – “Paranoid” (Euphorie/UMG, Germany)

THE LATHUMS – “I’ll Get By” (Modern Sky, UK)

BALU BRIGADA – “Favorite Clothes” (Unsigned, New Zealand)

THE SHERLOCKS – “Falling” (Infectious, UK)

ADELAIDE – “Silent Hope” (Unsigned, Germany)

GEORGE DIAZ – “High Rise” (DeAngelis, UK)

BELLWHETHER – “Shortsighted” (Unsigned, Australia)

SLIDE – “Keep Shining” (Unsigned, Sweden)

CLUB BEIRUT – “Bury My Friends” (Unsigned, Scotland)

SAHARA BECK – “Crave Me” (Unsigned, Australia)

DANNY BALDRUSSON – “Nervous” (Unsigned, Faroe Islands)

SHAMBOLICS – “Sharp As A Razor” (Unsigned, UK)

MUKS – “Girlfriend” (Unsigned, India)

DONKEY KID – “Deep Blue” (Donkey Dub Records, Germany)

COYLE GIRELLI – “Fun” (Unsigned, U.K.)

PARIS YOUTH FOUNDATION – “Twenty Two” (Unsigned, UK)

MADYX – “Into Ashes” (Unsigned, N. America)

REST FOR THE WICKED – “Bones” (EMI, Australia)

WAITING FOR SMITH – “Lost In Your Light” (Four One Seven Records, UK)

THE VIOLENT HEARTS – “Everything & Nothing” (Unsigned, UK)

BERNHOFT – “Call Out Kids” (Polaris Hub, Norway)

AZURE RYDER – “Some Kind Of Love” (Island, UK)

THE MOVING STILLS – “Waste My Time” (Sureshaker, Australia)

THE ROYSTON CLUB – “Backburner” (Modern Sky, UK)

ALEX RZYAN – “Out of Time” (Unsigned, N. America)

ELLUR – “Moments” (Dance To The Radio, UK)

VILE ASSEMBLY – “Division Of Labour” (Unsigned, UK)

THE ROLY MO – “I Miss The Dancing” (7 West Music, Scotland)

BOY DESTROY – “Favourite” (Budfox, Sweden)

VISTAS – “Brand New” (Unsigned, UK)

BAKER GRACE – “I Feel For You” (Unsigned, N. America)

DED RABBIT – “All Fired Up” (Unsigned, Scotland)

TIM SCHOU – “Hero/Loser” (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

INHALER – “Totally” (Polydor, UK)