HITS /Sunday & Wednesday 22.00/CET


THE AMAZONS - "How Will I Know" (Fiction/UMG, UK)

LUCY MCWILLIAMS - "Break My Own Heart" (AmperSounds, UK)

TRIBE FRIDAY - "Dead" (Unsigned, Sweden)

RED RUM CLUB - "Vanilla" (Modern Sky, UK)

GIANT ROOKS - "Watershed" (Universal Music, Germany)

OSCAR LANG - "I've Never Been To L.A." (Dirty Hit, UK)

MIA RODRIGUEZ - "I LUV U" (City Pop/WMG, Australia)

THE VELVET HANDS - "I Wanna Be There" (Jam X Recordings, UK)

WAITING FOR SMITH - "Run" (417 Records, UK)

PALE WAVES - "Jealousy" (Dirty Hit, UK)

RONIT & THE INVISIBLE STRINGS - "In Your Arms" (Unsigned, Australia)

THE CURIOUS - "Begin" (Unsigned, UK)

ADELAIDE - "Horizon" (Unsigned, France)

INTERNET FRIENDS - "Rice Krispies" (ICEA, Sweden)

LADY SLOTH - "Fences" (Trailing Twelve, N. America)

RHETT REPKO - "Won't Cry" (Unsigned, N. America)

BELDON HAIGH - "Old Blackeye" (Unsigned, UK)

SEA GIRLS - "DNA" (Polydor, UK)

BRICE KENDALL - "The Birdhouse" (BVK Music, N. America)

DEAF HAVANA - "Going Clear" (SO Recordings, UK)

CASSIA - "Right There" (BMG, Australia)

LAUREN WALLER - "Lift You Up" (Unsigned, N. America)

DONKEY KID - "Digging Holes" (Donkey Dub Records, Germany)

CROCODYLUS - "You" (Sureshaker, Australia)

APECS - "Red Moon" (Unsigned, UK)

CMON CMON - "The Summers We Missed" (Republic Of Music, UK)

REST FOR THE WICKED - "Impulse" (EMI/UMG, Australia)

CRAWLERS - "I Didn't Know How To Say" (Polydor, UK)

LIME CORDIALE - "Facts Of Life" (Chugg Music, Australia)

TOVE STYRKE - "Bruises" (Sony Music, Sweden)

STEREOTIDE - "Touch The Sky" (Unsigned, Germany)

REBECCA EPICSON - "Go Figure Why" (Unsigned, Germany)

MATTY GREG - "As It Was" (Unsigned, N. America)

MASI MASI - "The Good Stuff" (Shabby Road, UK)